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Midlife Is A Fickle Bitch!

Cherie Faus-Smith

Midlife Is A Fickle Bitch! is hosted by Cherie Faus-Smith who is an author, a keynote speaker and the feisty midlife courage coach. Join her each week as she shares her journey navigating midlife as well as tips and tricks on how you too can thrive! After surviving three abusive relationships and cancer, Cherie knows what it's like to be courageous. She'll be interviewing other women who are embracing midlife with sass, fire, guts, and spunk. Her mission is to provide some comedic relief because, let's be honest, midlife is full of so many challenges and it's important to see the bright side of aging. Midlife Is A Fickle Bitch! is meant to inspire you to feel the fear, do it anyway, and live unapologetically.